"The whole human body is a reflection of the soul, the eyes are a reflection of the mind and the mouth a reflection of the heart."

- Peter Dunov

If you were to meet me now for the first time. ًWould you see me for who I really am? Or would you attempt to understand me with what you understand? Would you see me through your own set of views and beliefs? Through your own judgments and preconceived notions.


We are two different worlds trying to learn about each other without ever truly being able to visit. 

This is the first point of separation that sets You and I apart. Things sometimes come along that bring us closer, bridging these two separate worlds of U and I. Things like common Interests, values or shared experiences. The Corona virus is a shared experience. social distancing, lockdowns, restrictions and masks. This pandemic has changed how we live, work, look and especially how much of our selves we share with each other.


What once was the silent warm greeting of a smile, now lays hidden beneath a mask. Our daily expressions and primal ways of learning about each other are now veiled, Before words even came to be we would read each other’s facial gestures and micro-expressions to help us better understand each other; to help us feel each other. Much of this understanding comes from expression which occurs around the mouth. With our mouths now hidden from each other, along with the distance we have created, have we now become more disconnected from each other than ever before? Over the past 4 years I have been filming people around the mouth as they sat and silently thought about their life. I would film them for two minutes at time, first while they think of the challenging moments in their life and then two minutes on good ones.


No talking, just sitting and remembering. The expressions that appeared around the mouth during this process spoke volumes on how they felt. It told their story. A story free of the details, but filled with emotion 


The Bulgarian Philosopher and mystic teacher Peter Dunov once said: 


"the whole human body is a reflection of the soul, the eyes are a reflection of the mind and the mouth reflection of the heart."


With this in mind, is it possible that we Have we hidden our hearts by covering our mouths?

And if so… how does that effect how we connect and understand each other. When it comes to connection, what do you think matters more? the details of your story or how your story makes you feel?


How easy is it to relate and build bridges between the two people, between the I & YOU. What do we base these bridges and  connections on? shared values, interests and experiences? Are these always the same? Don’t we evolve along with our perceptions and sensitivities? Can we truly deeply relate to one another with so many moving pieces?


What if instead of relating to others by trying to understand their story we relate them to by how their story makes them feel, and recognize those feelings in ourselves. So many thoughts and perceptions, each carrying and emotional weight.


Each of these expressed subconsciously around the mouth. Wouldn’t it be fair to say that emotions are a more commonly shared language than thought? A more finite and shared palette to select from opposed to the intricate diversity of thought.


During this time of great polarization, separation and social isolation, can we find new ways to connect and build bridges of understanding? That’s what I’d like to find out. This is a chance to tell your story. A chance for others to feel you and you to feel them. An opportunity to connect these separate worlds of U and I through a universally shared language of emotion. I invite you to be a part of this, by filming your mouth as you sit and think about your life. No words, No talking, Just think about your life. For two minutes remembering the bad and then two minutes remembering the good in your life


Then submit it here to take part in this project. And maybe, we’ll learn something greater about ourselves and each other in this process. 

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Art and project by Shaun Rabah 



© 2021 by Shaun Rabah